Thursday, November 4, 2010

Breaking news :-)

October wasn't too productive month for me but few things came along together. I was away for few days, my camera broke down, my hamster died ;-) Yes, I know... loads of excuses but now it's all about to change...

I bought a new camera! I'm a happy owner of a brand new Nikon D300s. I've been testing it for the last few days and for now I can only say it's fantastic! Not a big surprise as a D300s model is well known, tested and reliable camera. Unfortunately I didn't have time to write anything about choosing new camera but I'll definitely write few words when we know each other a bit better :-) Anyway lots of new photos coming because...

...I'm flying to Tokyo on Saturday. I even prepared new header image for this occasion :-) I'm going to blog live from Japan for the next 2 weeks (starting on Sunday). I'll try to post at least once for 2 days so visit my blog daily.

By the way please don't ask me what Japanese characters in the header mean. However if you are from Japan you can translate it for me. Hopefully it's nothing offensive ;-)


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