Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Breaking news

Few things for today but unfortunately no new photos.

If you visit photocrumble blog more than once a week you probably noticed some changes in the top navigation. Now you can access my photo projects and events I’ve been to really easy. So take a look! And don’t forget about photography movies… some really good ones already and this section will definitely be growing.

I’m going to Madrid for the New Yea’s Eve so hopefully I’ll bring back some decent shots :)

This year I was a really good boy so Santa brought me a “camera voucher”. It’s going to be a small compact camera to carry it everywhere. I’m reading and looking what’s there on the market at the moment so I’ll blog a post or two when I decide.

The last but not least… finally I started to postprocess shots of quite a big, Malta related project. I hope to publish it no later than a mid January so stay tuned :)


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