Friday, December 3, 2010

Sort, select and archive your photos

If you take photos you probably keep plenty of them on your local hard drive. Can you imagine your hdd breaking down or catching a really bad virus and loosing your all images? I can’t. It’s the worst nightmare ever! Below I’ll share with you my idea how to sort, select and archive your “Preciousss”. I’m not saying it’s the best way but good enough for me. Feel free to steal it for yourself if you find it useful.
  1. First I create a folder named properly. Let’s say “Dublin by Night”
  2. Then I transfer all photos I’ve taken to my folder. Personally I use Adobe Bridge. 
  3. First look at all images. I delete really bad ones and doubles I won’t need for sure. 
  4. I change files names to “name_001”. It’s really easy in Bridge, just use Batch Rename tool. 
  5. When all these are done I do a backup on my external hard drive. 
  6. After that, I burn all photos on a DVD. 
  7. When I’m sure all above is done, I format memory card on my camera. 
  8. Then I go back to my main hard drive and start choosing my very best photos. I copy them to the subfolder named let’s say “Best”. 
  9. Now it’s time for post-processing. 
  10. Last step is exporting final photos to JPGs and saving them in proper subfolders like “Blog”, “Print” or whatever I need.
Seems like a lot of work, but in fact it’s not. And better be safe than sorry.


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