Sunday, July 18, 2010

Festival of World Cultures

Be aware that Festiwal of World Cultures is coming earlier this year and will take place in Dun Laoghaire next weekend which is 23rd to 25th of July. As far as I remember it was late August last year. I know I’ve had bought my camera just a couple days before, so that weekend was the first test of my skills, which I didn’t have at all :-) I can only say I took more than 200 photos that day and today I was able to choose just 4 decent ones to show you. The good thing is I can see a huge difference between photos I took that weekend and photos I take now. Well, it would be a bad sign if I couldn’t – he?

Anyway it’s a great occasion for everybody to go there for a day or two, listen to a live music, taste some great food from around the world, see performances like capoeira or bellydancing, take loads of photos and get drunk :-) The last two things I’m going to do for sure so I’ll update my blog after next Sunday.

Hopefully the weather will be decent at least. Keep the fingers crossed and visit the Festival of World Cultures website for more info.


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