Friday, August 27, 2010

Basketball World Championship 2010

You might not know but I’ve always been a huge basketball fan and tomorrow World Championship is starting in Turkey. Hell yeah! I’m a NBA guy so of course I’m going to support the USA Team. Do names like LeBron James, Dwight Howard or Kobe Bryant ring any bell? Even if do it doesn’t matter because the best NBA players stayed home and United States sent to Europe young but talented team leaded by Kevin Durant. Well, maybe it’s even better for a tournament itself so if you want to see some games you can do it online at (30 euro subscription fee).

Before you watch any games tomorrow, take a look at the best basketball team that has ever played a game:

USA Dream Team, Barcelona, 1992



  1. Dzięki Maćko za przypomnienie tych pięknych czasów

  2. ha! nie ma sprawy :) dzisiaj pierwsze spotkania wiec cos poogladam.

  3. They barely won over Brazil yesterday!