Friday, August 27, 2010

Photoshop Tip - scratch disk is full

Have you ever had a Photoshop message “could not perform this action because of a program error” (something like that) or “scratch disk is full” and didn’t know what is going on?

Scratch disk is just your hard drive which Photoshop uses temporarily... something like virtual memory. If you get this kind of message you might run out of a disk space. You can have this kind of problem when you work on big files (like posters for print) or on multiple hi-quality photos at the same time. You can deal with it in three ways:

1. Create some disk space on your C: drive (where Photoshop is probably installed) by removing some applications, games or your porn collection ;-)

If you can’t do so...

2 ...and have more than one partition go to Photoshop and from top menu select Edit -> Preferences -> Performance. Then tick two or more of your partitions and click Ok. That should solve the problem.

But if you have just one small hard drive I’d suggest you to...

3 ...just buy an external one. Prices are very decent right now and it will make your workflow stresless and much easier.


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