Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Online photo printing

Few months ago I ordered more or less 8 big photo prints and I spent a fortune. I don't remember exactly but there were few 18x12'' and 12x8'' prints. Later on I found out that online labs do it much, much cheaper. So let me save you some money!

I know two big brands with a really good prices. They deliver globally but use Google and perhaps you'll find something even cheaper in your country.

Anyway I recommend Photobox and Snapfish.

Let's take a look at some sample prices...

6x4'' - 0,12e
12x8'' - 1,75e
18x12'' - 8,69e
See full price list

6x4'' - 0,14e
12x8'' - 0.89e
18x12'' - 1,99e
See full price list

You can see that 18x12'' is way cheaper in Snapfish. But as far as I remember they charge extra for poster prints delivery. Standard delivery cost when you order let's say 30-40 photos is aprox. 3 euro. I guess it might be higher if you order more. Anyway if you get +20 photos it's cheaper than buying it at any of land based labs. Just to mention... I paid 40 cents for 6x4'' and 10,7 euro (sic!) for 18x12''

Moreover Snapfish gives you 20 free 6x4'' prints and Photobox as many as 50 (in Ireland) when you register. No tricks here, it's really free. They also have really good promotions... just visit their websites and look around.

Basically it's hard for me to say which company it's better to order from. Just compare prices, order from both and see the results. Happy printing!


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  1. I am feeling so curious about these company, I want to do some online printing and I know a better company but I want to try these also, thanks.