Sunday, August 15, 2010

One photo a day keeps insanity at bay

What’s all about? Below I just pasted project description from a Facebook group.

Well, I started this as a way of keeping myself motivated and after a few people telling me they were going to do the same, I thought we could all share our "daily images" and hopefully, get some inspiration and motivation from eachother. There is one rule: we commit to take one photo a day for -at least- the remaining of the year. And who knows, maybe the entire next year too!

You can post one a day, or 7 at the end of the week for the week past. That is up to you.

So if you are an artist and are going through a dry spell, feel free to join the group!

We may even set a subject a month... all suggestions are welcomed!

Also, as loads of people have problems in posting photos on FB due to copyright issues, we will post a link from Flickr on a weekly basis. So join there too!

So as it says it’s a really good way to motivate yourself... if you need to do so :-) I’ll be posting photos on facebook and here of course which means much more photos from photocrumble!

Sounds good?
Join us on facebook
and Flickr


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